Red clover and menopause

 Health Care : The effects of red Treffle on menopausal symptoms were evaluated in 109 women aged 40 and older, who took for 90 days, 160 mg of red clover isoflavones per day (group A) or placebo with the same aspect (group B). After 7 days of withdrawal, treatment and placebo were interchanged without the knowledge of groups and taken for 90 days. The frequency of hot flashes and night sweats, and the intensity of menopausal symptoms (Kupperman Index index) were measured on days 0, 90, 97 and 187.

On day 0 (before treatment), the values ​​were identical between the two groups. In group A, all indices were significantly decreased compared to group B, after the first 90 days of treatment. During the seven days of weaning indices rebounded from group A while those of group B remained unchanged. After reversing the treatments, the indices of group B decreased significantly while the values ​​of group A remained similar to the weaning period. No side effects have been felt by study participants.

The effect of red clover isoflavone supplementation over and menopausal vasomotor symptoms in postmenopausal women. Lipovac M, P Chedraui, Gruenhut C, Gocan A, Kurz C, Neuber B, Imhof M. Gynecol Endocrinol. March 2012, 28 (3) :203-7.

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